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Robin is partner and friend of Batman and alter ego Dick grayson.Orgin began when performing with his family in the cirus as the flying graysons at gotham but his family was mudered by Two face when they were stopping the bomb to explode and he was taken for foster care by Bruce Wayne and the past days learning where is where in the manor apart from a door that is always lock which is Bruce's belongings.Soon when Alfred opens the door to get to the room which has the entrance to the batcave Dick devlop a way do get to the door before it closes Dick made it go thru the passage and tripped down the stairs of the Batcave and spotted by Alfred.Dick took the Batmobile around Gotham to an alley a gang was harming a girl he tried to save her by being Batman but he forgot his suit with karate and when going up a ladder and the real Batman comes Dick came down and starting to fight him about he did not save his family.Batman/Bruce took Dick back to the Batcave and talking what happened and saying about to kill Two face as his partner and Bruce tells him he cant because of risking Dicks life to danger Dick replied that he is part of this of Bruce likes it or not.At the ritz gotham party when Two face i vades he say to Alfred saying it s red alert and uses his cicus clothes as a costume he rescures Batman trapped in the sand mix.Back at the Batcave he was thinking of a name of him such as Batboy,Nightwing and Bruce say no the its risky for him and decide to give up being Batman but Dick took his his costume and one of Bruces batsuits and ran away and came backto the manor saying to take both the boat and plane for to stop Two face and The Riddler and rescue Chase medlion with a new costume based on Alfreds desgin by the name of Robin as his partner and took the boat to Riddlers lair and relise the island is made of metal and going up Robin was about to e attacked by Two face and attack him to the edge to kill him but he grabed his hand and pulled him on the liar but Two face aimed a gun to his forehead and trapped him with Chase that Batman too chose who to save and who to die but he seuse a batarang to throw to the energy core and dropped Robin and Chase and been rescue.