"There are heroes. There are superheroes. And there is Hancock."
―Hancock movie tagline[src]

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Strength: Capable of breaking a planet in one punch

Superhuman Speed:Faster than the speed of light.Capable of time travelling

Superhuman Stamina:Capable of fighting for millions of years without tiring

Superhuman Reflexes:Perceive time to a stand still

Superhuman Agility: can evade hyper-sonic missiles with ease

Control of wind/tornadoes

Invulnerability: He can not be injured in anyway shape or form.

Superhuman Sight: Can see for thousands of miles.

Superhuman Hearing: Can hear a human conversation from 2,000,000 miles away.

Immortality: Can not die under any circumstances.

Flight: can fly many times faster the speed of light.

Weaknesses:If Hancock is near Mary he will begin to slowly lose his powers but if he is more than 100ft away from her he will regain his powers.

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