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Biographical information
Real name

John Hancock

Other aliases

John Hancock


Full-time superhero

Phisical description

Immortal superhuman

Hair color


Eyes color


Behind-the-scenes information

Hancock Universe

Current status

Alive (residing in New York City)


Will Smith

"There are heroes. There are superheroes. And there is Hancock."
―Hancock movie tagline[src]

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Strength:Hancock possesses immense levels of superhuman strength.He has shown to lift and throw a whale which was weighing about 190 tons back into the ocean with far distances.His strength is also extended into his legs which enables him to leap feets into the air.The full extent of his strength is unknown.

Superhuman Stamina:Hancock is able to be tireless for very long periods of time without even breaking a sweat.

'Superhuman' Reflexes:Hancock's accelerated reflexes are more faster than an ordinary human's.He can easily dodge high speed projectiles and objects such as bullets,rockets,missiles,and others.

Invulnerability:Hancock is invulnerable to any types of physical injury.His skin have shown to easily repel bullets,a rocket shell and even a train without sustaining injuries.

Superhuman Hearing:Hancock was able to hear Mary's and Ray's conversation through the roof of their house which was made of bricks.

Immunity:Hancock is immune to various toxins and diseases.

Healing and Regeneration:Hancock possesses a well developed regeneration or healing process which enables him to recover from most injuries in moments.

Immortality:Hancock is able to live for thousands of years without dying.

Flight:Hancock is capable of flying at Mach 3 and capable of flying in space without any oxygen.This also allows him to defy gravity.

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